Friday, May 28, 2010

Scene 18, lilies. A gift from Dan

(A week later)

A truck pulls up to Anne’s house. It is Daniel and a few lads. Sylvia is the first to speak as Daniel gets out of the truck.

Sylvia: (To Anne)
Well, look what the cat dragged in! It’s Daniel Lavery come to profess his love to me. Hello to you sir!
(She winks at Dan)

Daniel: Hullo Sylv. I see you’ve decided to join in this madness.
(He winks back at Sylvia then glances to Anne, she is waiting for him to reveal his purpose for coming.)
Hello Miss Anne.
(He removes his hat)

Anne: Hello Mr. Lavery. I wasn't aware that you two knew each other.

Daniel: Oh all the lads know old Sylvia Breslyn!

Sylvia: (Having a bit of fun,scolding him)
You bite your tongue you nasty heathen!

Daniel: (To Anne)
You seem about finished turning the soil. Well done.

Anne: I don’t suppose you’ve come to praise my efforts Mr. Lavery. What can I do for you?

Sylvia: What’s that awful smell boys?
(The smell is coming from the truck)

Daniel: It’s a gift. (He unlatches the back of the truck)

Anne: What’s going on here?

Daniel: Now that you have the soil turned, I recommend that you amend it. So I have taken the liberty of picking up some fresh steer manure.

(Sylvia and Anne exchange a look.)

Next we see the boys dumping the heap of manure off of the truck and on to Anne’s lawn in a tall pile. Anne and Sylvia are staring at it. Just as the boys are finishing up Dan says…

Daniel: Oh I almost forgot!
(He goes to his truck, gets something, and then returns. He hands the women a pair of gloves each)
You’ll need these.

Anne: Thank you.

Daniel: (Putting his cap back on.)
Well you better get to work. Looks like rain tonight. If you don’t get this laid out by then it could end up running down the street. Good luck…not that you need it. (winks)

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