Monday, July 19, 2010

Scene 19a, Dan tries to help

(Later that same night)

As the rain falls that evening Daniel is in his families pub. He has had a few drinks and leans on the counter. The sound of the rain is making him feel sorry he left Anne to do such hard work by herself.

Anne is still in her Garden, determined to finish. She is soaked and covered in mud and shit. Sylvia has gone home, her duties as wife and mother have called her there.

Back at the bar: a few more moments pass before he finally rises and leaves the bar. He gets in his truck and goes to her house. When he arrives, he finds her there still hard at it. He gets out of his truck and goes to her, and takes the shovel from her hands.

Daniel: (shouting over the rain as it pours over his sorry, apologetic face.)
I’m sorry; I should’ve offered to help today.
(He starts to work)

Anne: (plowing her own shovel into his own.)
I can do it Daniel!
(Resisting the temptation to let him help, for a moment the tiredness shows on her face. Still hunching over, she holds her hands out for him to return the shovel)

Daniel: No let me.

Anne: (Standing. Now Demanding) Daniel I can do it!

Daniel: But I don’t mind, Anne.

(The rain is soaking them both as they stand soaked and facing each other)

Anne: Mind? You think I’m trying to save your back ? Daniel this has nothing to do with you. I’ve been shoveling this…Shit for the past five hours; I’m almost done here. I am doing just fine and I don’t need your help.
What for? So you can do the last bit for me and tell yourself and anyone else that poor Anne couldn’t have done all this herself.
No thank you!

Daniel: I never said… (Becoming suddenly scornful at the sting of her rejection, he thrusts the shovel into her hand)
I just wanted to help.

Anne: Well don’t…don’t help me! This is my work here. I don’t need saving. Do you understand me?

Daniel: (Raising his voice so as to be heard over the now pouring rain)
You are a stubborn one aren’t you?

Anne: (Exasperated, she speaks honestly to him)
I want to know, I have to know if I can do this Daniel!

Daniel: Well sure you can! But why not let me?

Anne: This thing is breaking people. All over the city Dan, you can see it on their faces. Why should I be exempt?
I want to do this! I want this!
(Holding the shovel triumphantly.
and ironically, laughing joyfully, teetering toward maddness)

Dan, feeling scorned, reaches into his pocket for a cigarette, finds one goes to light iit fails because of the rain and shakes his head as he walks away, he throws the soggy smoke on the groung and tips his now soggy hat at her as he walks out the gate.)

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