Monday, January 3, 2011

Apple stands

After what seemed like some well deserved respite out on Whidbey Island, Anne and Sylvia returned to the daily rigorous task to make ends meet back in Seattle.
They returned to the city with a sense of renewal and hope. Having been given 25 crates of Apples from Michael and Christina, they immediately set to the task of organizing a plan for their operation. They had mapped out their positions and borrowed the Lavery pick-up truck for the day to drop off the crates for sale.
The lawn was covered in crates filled generously to overflowing. The young ones quietly pillaged the freshly delivered plunder and gorged themselves on reds, greens and yellows until their jaws ached from chewing the crisp fruit.

The older children like Tom, Maggie and Mary were given the responsibility of having their own stands. Mary and Maggie made the signs and Tom saw to it that the crates were reinforced and sturdy.

There were mixed emotions regarding the plan. Tom was the least enthusiastic and being the eldest his negative sentiments were quickly adopted by some of the younger ones.
Surprisingly Maggie was the most excited to sell the apples. She put on her best dress, polished her shoes and spent the morning repeatedly pinch blushing cheeks and looking in the mirror.
Tom told her she was a fool to put on her best clothes for the endeavor. He insisted that she would be better to dress like a “down and outer” so as to make folks feel bad for her.
To which Maggie replied, “To hell with that, Tom!”
Earning herself a slap on the hand from her mother who frowned upon the children cursing. Maggie continued primping herself in anticipation of the afternoon.

Sylvia knew that it wasn’t the apple selling that Maggie was excited about but rather the fact that she would be a block from the High school. Knowing her daughter, Maggie was more excited about the idea of being seen, even if it she was selling apples.

Mary on the contrary, was terrified. She was seldom apart from Maggie; she had a quiet nature and hated being in front of people. Sitting by the front door a top her crates of apples She had dressed herself in enough layers to feel safe and hidden. She was ready to go long before Maggie, wearing a ‘Let’s get this over with’ look on her face.

Anne took Sara and Molly While Sylvia took Michael and Gabriel. The idea was that the younger ones would have stands near by his or her adult and stay in eye shot for safety. It was better for children to appear to be alone Sylvia had said to Anne. Though she hated to admit it, Anne agreed. People were more sympathetic to the young ones, and Sylvia was going to see to it that her little ones pulled at the heartstrings of the workingman so as to bring in a pretty penny for those free Apples.

So off they went, that motley crew of young ones. Dressed like vagabonds and royalty depending on his or her view of the business venture.
Tom led the way, Windy skipping just behind him annoyingly at his heels. Mary to her doom, Maggie to her glory and the three innocents following like a hopeful parade.

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