Friday, September 17, 2010

Scene 22b, More on MIchael

Michael hated the idea of hiring help to harvest the apple crop every year. He dreaded any task that required too much organization and detail. So instead of hiring a crew to pick his apples and sell them in the city, he simply put a sign out in the front of his driveway that said:
It seemed to attract plenty of folks who were passing through. Though he made a considerable amount less than he would have had he run his orchard like any other farmer, it was less nonsense and therefore good enough for him. Besides that, most of the money he made from the apples came from the cider he brewed on his property. It wasn’t nearly as strong as the hard stuff most people in the city liked to drink, but it was good for a buzz and most of his customers were his friends and neighbors there on the island. They would stop in for a visit, share a meal and have a walk. Michael always shared a sample of the brew. Finally they would load a barrel onto their truck and bid their host a good day.

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