Monday, December 6, 2010

Into the evening, when the preparation of the meal is finished, the five have gathered back in the kitchen to eat. Joined by the Studeman’s five children, they sit around the table. Drinks are poured and refilled.
Sylvia, Anne and Christina have found their places among one another and are united. Dan, Michael and Joe are pleasantly drunk and settled in, bellies full of good food, there is ease and conversation around the table.
The children are drifting, young ones hanging on Christina she brings them into their bedroom for sleep.

Music is being played around a fire nearby. A boy who plays the harmonica quite proficiently for someone his age joined a banjo player and a guitarist. Improvising a lively tune, a small crowed gathers around them. People clapped along and tapped their feet and let out a hoot of approval when a solo was particularly sent. Sylvia surveyed the scene and wore the expression of a woman who had arrived home.

Anne was trying to picture where they would sleep, and how they would wash. She was not a good cook and wouldn’t know where to begin to know how to cook on an open campfire she was beginning to feel anxious already.
Daniel saw Anne worried expression and began to set up their site immediately. He was in his element, outdoors, and was eager to make provisions to make a comfortable place for the three of them.

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