Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sylvia and Joseph

Joseph Lavery is unloading his truck in the warehouse. Sylvia is following him as he works.

“So what you’re saying, is that you girls want to come along with us the next time we do a run up to Skagit Huh?” Joseph seems reluctant at the idea of having them.

“That’s right Joe. We just need to tag along is all?” Sylvia replies innocently

“Oh Sylvia, I wasn’t born yesterday, that can’t possibly be all.” Shaking his head. “What are girls scheming?”

Frustrated at his pressing. “We want to buy some apples Joseph. I know there are some small orchards out there on Whidbey. Boys that you know well I might add. Word has it that you Lavery’s have even bought a few barrels of cider from them folks out there to serve at your place.

Suddenly uncomfortable at the mention of business “Hush Sylv.”

“All I’m saying is that it would be a nice gesture for you boys to lend a hand to two struggling dames and few kids looking for some honest work. You boys are out there all the time anyhow, right?”

“Yes, from time to time.”

Going in for the kill now, “From time to time my ass. You boys pick up your spoils right there in old Anacortes nearly every month. It’s no secret Joe!”

Knowing he stands no chance, Sylvia is decided in her intention but he enjoys a good fight “It is a secret, and we want to keep it that way Sylvia. We wouldn’t want to raise suspicion carting along any extra folk with us.”

Sylvia, ever savvy. “Well, I figure that it would be less suspicious to bring two gals along with you. Who would suspect anything was amiss? Especially with a girl the likes of miss Anne.”

Joseph, considering it. “I imagine you two dames would be a classy addition to the operation…but it’s still too dangerous.

Now at her wits end. “We want to sell Apples by the roadside to make a few bucks is all!
It’s a simple request Joe. Shame on you! All the money you boys bring in with you rotten rum running! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! A couple of good honest folks asking for a favor and all you have is this cowardice diffidence…the nerve of you boys.

“I’m sorry Sylvia; it just wouldn’t go over well is all. It’s a dangerous trip as it is. No need to involve a couple of innocents as well… I’m sorry Sylv. My answer is no.”

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