Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scenc 5b, lilies

Daniel gets out of the truck that has just arrived. He carries a box, presumably for James. As he walks up the path to the employee entrance, he sees Anne through the window. He pauses, then proceeds to walk up the path.

While Anne is in mid thought the door swings open, and a man carrying a box, walks in

Daniel: (Taking one look at Anne)
Well, well, this is a surprise.

Anne: What are you talking about I work here. I’m here every day.

Daniel: That’s not the surprise I’m referring to.

Anne: What are you referring to then Mr. Lavery?

Daniel: Our last few meetings you didn’t look so….
(Searching for the right word)
(Looking her up and down)

Anne: (Offended, wanting to remind him of her position)
Well, need I remind you Mr. Lavery that we have never had a “meeting”. A meeting suggests that two people have come together or assembled in order to associate with one another.

Daniel: (Teasing)
Is that disappointment I hear in your voice?
He walks toward her, leans on the counter while she dries her dish and cup)

Anne: Relief.
I suppose you’re here with a box full of Whiskey for James?

Daniel: (Suddenly aware that she is speaking loudly, he looks around and motions for her to keep it down.)
Hey, speak easy.

Anne: (mockingly as if playing along)
Oh yes, we must whisper so nobody will hear us. What do you call it? Moonshine or White lightning? Hooch?

Daniel: Ah, so you’re with us then?

Anne: With you? What, in your cause to keep a drink in the hand of a workingman?

Daniel: Yeah, why not?

Anne: In favor of keeping husbands and fathers well liquored while wives are left to wonder where the money for food has gone?
Pockets of liquor distillers and runners, such as yourself, full. While the tax dollars of citizens, like me, are spent on prison expenses for men who have committed crimes during their drunken fits? No Mr. Lavery I am very much in favor of this noble experiment.

Daniel: Noble? You know, I deliver more of this stuff to Cops, Politicians, Lawyers and Judges? The same folks sending guys like me to prison.

Anne: I doubt it.

Daniel: (Authoritatively)
You can choose to doubt and believe whatever you like, but it doesn’t make it so.

Anne: Where did you hear that?

Daniel: (Proudly) I made it up.

Anne: That’s what I thought.
(The Sound of footsteps is hard down the hall. Without a word, they both get back to what they were doing just as James walks in.)

James: (Thrilled to see his “shipment” has arrived)
Mr. Lavery, Good to see you as usual. I see my delivery has arrived.

Daniel: Yes sir. Sorry for the delay this week.
Been getting a bit of trouble at the Canadian boarders.

James: (Not wanting to go into details in front of Anne)
Yes, yes, well here we are Mr. Lavery, safe and sound. (
Getting to the point)
Now what do I owe you?

Daniel: 25 Sir.

James: All right then.
(Handing him $25.00)
If you don’t mind taking it to the normal spot for me, thank you.

Daniel: Sure.
(Picks up the box, carries it out of the room to a closet down the hall.)

James: I trust all is well here Miss Hibbert, and that I have your eh, confidence in this arrangement?
(Refering to the arangement with Daniel which she has just wittnessed)
Oh and Anne?
(Daniel returns to the room and begins gathering his things.
We have an event tomorrow. I would very much like for you to be there to help. Would you mind?

Anne: Of course. I didn’t know we had any events planned. I’ll have to choose specimens, and of course my clothes…what is the theme?

James: (Making a sorry look at Anne)
Oh dear, I meant, would you attend the event to help serve. I should’ve made myself clearer. It’s a donation fund-raiser. Guests will be touring the premises, as they are.
We will be serving punch coffee and hourderves. I have hired a cook, but we’ll need someone to serve the drinks. You will be compensated for your service of course. (Suddenly aware that Daniel is still in the room to see this exchange.)

Anne: (In need of money she swallows her pride)
No Mr. Watkins. I would be glad to help.

James: That a girl!
(Starts to leave. Remembering something her turns to her)
Oh, and do see that the floor of the main entrance is properly polished tonight before you leave. I don’t mind paying extra for your time if it means things will look presentable. It’s important it’s up to snuff tomorrow.
(Daniel leaves, as does James. Anne is left in the kitchen alone.)

As dusk arrives later that evening, Anne is still working. On her hands and knees, she is on the floor in the entryway scrubbing the tiles. By the time she finishes it is dark outside, she walks out of the conservatory, harried and exhausted.)

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