Friday, January 15, 2010

Scene 4 lilies, Annes first day of Maintenance work

Anne’s first day on the job as a maintenance worker. She is dressed in “common attire” unlike the stylish outfits she normally wears; she has dressed for labor. She walks up the front steps as she normally does. Enters into the main entrance, looking for James. She spots him across the room, standing with a patron discussing a matter. He sees her too. She starts to walk over to him. Seeing this, he holds up his index finger to her as if to say ‘I will be right with you’ She waits.
He finally walks over to her. Looks her up and down.

James: All right Miss Hibbert.
(Looks at the clock)
I’m glad to see you’re here on time. Come with me.
(He leads her through the fern room, and into the employee quarters.)
Here is an apron I expect you to wear it each day, washed and clean upon your arrival of course. Today you will be tending to the fern room. Remove all the decaying leaves, check each plant for irregularities or rot, see that the humidity is no less then 60% and the temperature no more than 85 deg Fahrenheit.
Next you will sweep the floors and mop the grounds throughout. Notice that the grout here is beginning to gather some minerals, see that you use a vinegar solution of 3:4 no more, is that clear?

Anne: Yes James.

James: (Quietly)
I’m afraid I must say Miss Hibbert, since our work conditions have changed the way they have. I think appropriate that you refer to me as Mr. Watkins. I would hate for our patrons to feel as though we have become lax. I think it wise to maintain a sense of protocol, don’t you? (Anne nods, a bit distracted as she is trying to remember all she is to do)
Oh and from now on, Miss Hibbert, please enter through the back door.
Well good, good. That should keep you occupied until lunch. I will be in my office. Check in when you’re done.

(Anne begins. She spends the day Removing dead leaves, checking temperatures and humidity rates. She sweeps,mops and scrubs the floors. She gets to the end of her list of tasks by 4:30pm. James comes down.)

James: Well, you certainly are trying, Miss Hibbert.
(He is referring to the fact that she has not even finished in 8 hours in what he had expected her to accomplish by lunchtime) Well, I’m off. Good night Miss Hibbert. I trust you wont fail to lock up.

Anne: Goodnight Mr. Watkins. (Still on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor)


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