Monday, January 11, 2010

Scene 1c lillies (Enter Mr. Lavery)

As she enters the respite center, she can see the shadow of a person who must have wandered downstairs by mistake. She is about to say something, but she notices the figure is bent over one of the specimens, looking at it taking a closer look. She decides to wait until the person is through with their observation before she interrupts to tell him that he must return upstairs.
He is a moderately tall man in his late 20’s or early 30’s. His hair is dark, and what would be considered long for the style of the day; at chin length. His shoulders are broad and from what she can tell he seems remarkably handsome.
Before she can speak, the figure has already sensed her presence. He says, without turning around.)

Daniel: (Speaking with a thick Irish accent)
Can’t see what all the fuss is really.

Anne: (Suddenly aware that they are alone in the cellar together, she takes a step back.)
Excuse me?

Daniel: These things, whatever they’re called?
(Pointing to the flower of the tree he was looking at. He was expecting James to have come down to pick up the delivery. He looks her in the eye. His eyes are dark and his features fine and strong.)

Anne: (A touch more comfortable) Witch Hazel?

Daniel: Is that it?
(He turns and looks again at the tree)
Seems fitting to me. It is kind of an evil looking thing really.

Anne: I don’t think I understand.

Daniel: Don’t think I do either, I thought this was supposed to be some kind of place what collects rare and lovely flowers.

Anne: Is their something I can help you with Mr.?

Daniel: Lavery. Daniel Lavery’s the name. And unless your name is James Watkins I don’t think there’s anything you can help me with at present Miss.

Anne: (Insulted at the notion that James would know something that she would not. Crossing her arms.)
Try me Mr. Lavery.

Daniel: I’d love to…. But unless you know where these are to be stored,
(Pointing to a stack of cases)
and you’re ready to pay me in cash, I’m afraid I’ll have to insist that I wait for Mr. James Watkins.
(Anne goes over to boxes Daniel has pointed to. She opens the one on top. It is filled with bottles. She pulls one out and examines it for a moment. She does not recognize the packaging. Come to think of it, it is rather strange to be receiving a delivery in the cellar of the conservatory at 9:30pm. Finally it dawns on her)

Anne: This is liquor!
(Her tone suggest that she believes she has discovered something very serious. Daniel remains calm and collected.)
I don’t know what kind of place you think this is Mr. Lavery, but I know one thing for sure… This is a botanical Conservatory and furthermore…
(Just as Anne is about to really give it to Daniel, James enters.)

James: Anne I’m so glad I found you
(Aware that Anne has seen too much.)
My mother and the other ladies were looking for you. They are all raving about the displays. They are wondering when the silent auction will begin.

Anne: James, I’m so glad you’re here I was just telling this gentlemen that he must have mistaken our facility for some speakeasy or local dive.

James: (Taking her by the arm, escourting her toward the stairs.)
Yes, yes, thank you Anne, I think I’ll take it from here. (
He crosses his arms giving a scornful look to Daniel for his lack of disgression. As Anne turns and walks up the stairs she turns and looks back to see Daniel opening a bottle of liquor, pouring James a shot, James taking it, nodding as if giving his approval. James then reaches into his pocket and hands Daniel a wad of cash.)



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