Friday, January 15, 2010

Scene 3b lilies: Let go

(After the plesantries with Mr Gregory, the attention is back on Anne)

Mr. Watkins: Anne, come, come. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. I don’t suppose you would care for some tea this afternoon?

Anne: No thank you (She sits)

Mr. Watkins: Uhh, you see.
(He is not eager to begin, infact, he would rather not begin at all)
Anne, I suppose there is no simple way to say what I mean to...
You see, the conservatory has been suffering. Our donation fund is down by 43%. I’m afraid that these times call for drastic measures.
(He lets that sit for a moment)
We have let go of our maintenance staff Anne.
(He wonders if all this is coming through to her)
Now Anne, I don’t intend to let go of you…yet. But, you must realize…
(Knowing his delivery must be tender)
There is no easy way to put this Anne, We must begin asking more of you but we will only be able to pay you 50% of what you are now receiving and we will need to add to your work load due to the employee cut backs.

Anne: Will I still be able to work in the Conservatory?

Mr. Watkins: (Joyfully clasping his hands together)
Oh heavens yes. However, rather than giving lectures we would like you to begin... eh,resuming the work of those whom we can no longer employ.

Anne: What will that consist of?

Mr. Watkins: (Downplaying) Oh, Watering, weeding the entryway, maintenance, Dusting of the tropicals and assisting in various other tasks.
(Anne is thinking. She does not yet realize that she has no choice in the matter.)

(James is bothered by the round about approach of his father.)

James: Of course if you don’t think you’re cut out for that kind of work, we can ask someone else Miss Hibbert.

Mr. Watkins: James!
We don’t want to loose you Anne, please consider our offer. Take as much time as you need to consider our offer.

Anne: I don’t need anymore time Mr. Watkins. I understand and I am grateful, I accept.

James: (eager to solidify her position)
Good, I shall plan for the transition.
(Meaning firing the other employees)
Meanwhile, Anne I thank you for coming in.
(He walks over to the door, opening it, as if sending he a signal to leave)
I trust that you will be here bright and early tomorrow morning by 7:30 sharp, to begin your new tasks.

Anne: Yes James. (She turns to Charles, who looks at her with a helpless look) Thank you Mr. Watkins.

James: (As she is walking out the door)
Your welcome Miss Hibbert.
(He closes it behind her)


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