Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scene 9b, lilies a bit of a helping hand

(Only a few moments after James exits Anne’s garden)

In Sylvia’s driveway we see Daniel Lavery’s delivery truck. He has just delivered a package to the Breslyn home. Seeing Anne at work in her garden, Daniel walks over to her.
By now she has resumed her efforts and is frantically turning the hard soil. She is unaware that Daniel is walking over. He watches her for a few seconds, observing her technique, or lack of. Finally he says.)

Daniel: You’re using the wrong tool for that altogether Miss.
(He paces back and forth in front of her gate, surveying the entire production she has going on)

Anne: (Continuing to work and keeping her head down, working all the harder. As she speaks, she is almost breathless)
I am sure I am Mr. Lavery

Daniel: (Nonchalantly)
You look like you could use some help. Don’t suppose you’ve done this before.

Anne: (Finally flabbergasted she stops working and addresses him directly)
No…no… you’re right, I have never done this before, and yes I could use some help. But I don’t suppose you are going to offer it! No I imagine a man like you may quite enjoy watching me struggle in my garden for the sake of providing his friends with a comical tale later on this evening.
(He stares at her with a look of intrigue)
WHAT are you looking at?

(With that he walks through the gate takes the tool she is working with out of her hand and goes to a pile of tools set out, and exchanges it for a shovel. He takes off his jacket and hat, drapes them over the gate. Daniel walks back over to where Anne was working; he starts to cultivate the soil. He says nothing, knowing she is watching him intently, learning.)

Finally he says

Daniel: You’ve got to turn it first, so it can breath. The garden’s only as good as the earth it’s in.
(He stops working a moment looks up at her)
Course, you probably already know that, being a botanist and all.
(She picks up her own shovel and begins to work along side him)
That’s it really get in there! That a girl!
(He slaps her arm) keep at it…

He puts his coat and cap back on.

Anne: What do I do when I’m done with this part?

Daniel: I’ll come by Next week and show you
(He walks out of the gate)

Anne: Next week?

Daniel: It’ll take you this long to do all this believe me. (He starts to walk down the street)
Oh and thanks!

Anne: For what?

Daniel: My brothers always love a good story. I’m sure they’re going to love this! You really are turning out o be quite a spirited one Miss Anne.
(As he walks away she scowls at him and shakes her head, and plunges her shovel deeply into the earth.)


Image: Sweet briar----Poetry...I wound to heal.
(The Language of Flowers C. 1968)

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